The Graduate Group in Demography does NOT admit students for the pursuit of the A.M. (Masters) degree. This degree is pursued and obtained in the course of doing work toward the Ph.D. degree.

In order to receive the A.M. in Demography, students must satisfy the following requirements and maintain the judgment of the faculty that their progress is sufficient and predictive of eventual completion of the Ph.D.:

    • - Satisfactory completion of eight (8) course units at the University of Pennsylvania.
      • Four (4) required courses: DEMG 535, 536, 607 and 609
      • Two (2) demography electives
      • Two (2) elective courses
    • - Satisfactory completion of a first-year research paper, which must include some original empirical analysis, is typically written in conjunction with the Introduction to Demography [DEMG607] course, another first-year course, or as an independent study. The paper is written under faculty supervision and a faculty advisor must approve the paper topic. Students need to identify a faculty advisor for this paper in consultation with the Chair of the graduate group in Demography no later than the end of January of the students' first year of study.
    • First-Year Research Paper Form
    • - Satisfactory completion of the Master's Examination.

The University of Pennsylvania requires that students maintain a B average to remain in good standing to qualify for a degree. Moreover, the Graduate Group in Demography expects students to earn a B or better in required courses, although this requirement may be relaxed in extenuating circumstances or for foreign students in their first semester.

Ph.D. students in Sociology have the possibility to pursue an A.M. in Demography instead of Sociology. To be eligible for this option, the student must complete all the above requirements. Furthermore, the student must not have already applied for an A.M. degree in Sociology. Interested students should notify the GGD Coordinator by January 1 if they intend to participate in the A.M. exam in a given year.