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  • Sneha Sarah Mani, PhD Candidate in Demography, and Aashish Gupta, GGD Alumni and current Postdoctoral Fellow at the Harvard Center for Population and Development Studies, co-authored an article in Genus entitled, "Assessing Mortality Registration in Kerala: The MARANAM Study." They provide an assessment of vital statistics in Kerala, India, a comparatively low-mortality context, by using individual-level vital registration data on more than 2.8 million deaths between 2006 and 2017 from the Kerala MARANAM (Mortality and Registration Assessment and Monitoring) Study.

  • Vyasa, Sangita, Aashish Gupta, Nazar Khalid. 2021. Gender and LPG Use after Government Intervention in Rural North IndiaWorld Development.

    Study Highlights

    • The use of solid fuels for cooking persists in rural north India despite large government subsidies encouraging liquid petroleum gas (LPG) adoption.
    • Using new quantitative and qualitative data, we find that patriarchal gender norms and attitudes encourage the use of solid fuels in this region.
    • These beliefs encourage women to preserve gas, promote work that facilitates the use of solid fuels, and hinder communication about LPG refills.
    • Those that regularly use gas often do so to facilitate the adherence to norms of seclusion that keep women from leaving home to collect solid fuels.
    • Future research and policy interventions should pay careful attention to the gender norms and attitudes that discourage the use of gas.

    Photo credit: World LPG Association

  • Aashish Gupta, Ph.D. Candidate in the Graduate Group of Demography (GGD), and co-authors, Sangita Vyas and Payal Hathi, received the Dorothy Swaine Thomas Award for their paper, "Social Disadvantage, Economic Status, and Life Expectancy in Nine Indian States," at this year's PAA annual meeting. The Dorothy Swaine Thomas award is presented annually for the best graduate student paper on the interrelationships among social, economic and demographic variables. Watch the recording of the Presidential Address and Awards Ceremony [time stamp: 4:37]. Congratulations!

Marie Curie Fellow, University of Oxford

M.A., Development Studies, Indian Institute of Technology, Madras, 2011

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Aashish grew up in India, around the city of Delhi. He completed a 5 year integrated masters of arts in Development Studies from the Indian Institute of Technology, Madras. His research interests are in social inequality (of caste, gender and age), health, environment, demography and social policy.

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