Call for Papers: Reframing Family Definitions in the Era of Superdiversity
Submit a manuscript to the 'Journal of Family Studies', for a special issue on 'Reframing Family Definitions in the Era of Superdiversity'.

The deadline for the abstract is April 30, 2023, and the deadline for the manuscript is February 29, 2024. 

SI Aims and Focus: 

The main aim of Special Issue is to revisit how social researchers frame family and families when conducting various studies in social reality marked by abundant and constantly evolving family forms. Hence, this SI focuses on reconstructing and analyzing definitions of families in postmodern societies, with the broader aim of offering an up-to-date range of papers that answer various definitional questions and can be used by scholars in family studies and beyond. To foster interdisciplinary reflection, we invite authors from the fields of sociology, anthropology, media studies, social policy, cultural studies etc.

For a comprehensive SI on family definitions, we intend to combine papers from three perspectives:

  1. theoretical reflection on the evolution of family definition in the field of family studies, especially in relation to the plethora of the emerging and changing family forms, including: non-heteronormative families, migrant and transnational families, one-parent families, cohabitations, unmarried parents and patchwork families as well as growing social class inequalities in family lives;
  2. methodological innovations in investigating contemporary family life and intimacy;
  3. results of empirical explorations focused on social definitions of families in various countries, which highlight variability of sociocultural norms and practices pertaining to family and how it is defined.
August 7, 2023
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