Duy Do

Office Address: 
216 McNeil
Ph.D. Candidate, Demography, University of Pennsylvania
MS, Health Economics and Demography, University of Minnesota - Twin Cities, 2016
BA, Economics and Math, University of Wisconsin - Madison, 2013
Entered Program: 
Second Year Paper Advisor: 
Hans-Peter Kohler
Duy is interested in using social network analysis and organizational theories to study a wide range of social phenomena, such as knowledge diffusion and peer influence, with a focus on health, sexual behaviors, and financial investments. Duy is also interested in using behavioral economics to improve human behaviors such as exercising, healthy eating, saving for retirement, and investing.
Currently, Duy is investigating the impact of learning HIV status on mixing patterns and sexual network structures in Malawi. Findings from this study will help inform our understandings about the HIV epidemic in Africa and potential intervention strategies. Duy has an MS from the University of Minnesota and obtained his BA from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.