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Population Studies Center: In the News

New Research from the Global Family Change Project

PSC/PARC Researchers Hans-Peter Kohler, Frank F. Furstenberg, Andres Felipe Castro Torres, and Luca Maria Pesando were featured in a Max Planck Institute for Demographic Research press release on their new article, "Family Change and Variation Through the Lens of Family Configurations in Low- and Middle-Income Countries," published in Population, Space, and Place and supported by the National Science Foundation. This paper is a result of the Global Family Change project, supported by the PSC, which is also a PARC Research Network.Key Points:This paper finds a strong correlation between traditional partnership regimes (early and widespread marriage and early transition to motherhood) and traditional gender norms within the household and at a societal level.The correlation between traditional partnership and gender regimes is relatively independent of reproduction levels, meaning it exists in countries with both high and low fertility levels and contraceptive use.In some countries, traditional partnership and gender regimes differentiate between urban and rural geographies suggesting the influence of the Western family model is uneven cross-nationally and more present in urban areas.The family configurational approach developed in this paper encompasses more dimensions, characteristics, and functions in the study of families in a global comparative context. These characteristics include, for example, family formation patterns, gender roles, and fertility.This approach provides new insights and questions on how and why the institution of the family has and will change.

--October 21, 2021

Venkataramani, Boen, and MacDonald investigators in new NIH grant

PSC/PARC Researchers Atheendar Venkataramani, Courtney Boen, and John MacDonald are investigators in a new NIH funded project, which includes an unprecedented $10 million over the course of 5 years, to study the impact of environmental and economic interventions on reducing health disparities in Black Philadelphia neighborhoods. At the community level, the study includes tree planting, vacant lot greening, trash cleanup, and rehabilitation of dilapidated, abandoned houses. For households, the study will help connect participants to local, state, and federal social and economic benefits, including food, unemployment, and prescription drug assistance, provide financial counseling and tax preparation services, and offer emergency cash assistance.Read more about this project in Penn Medicine News.

--October 13, 2021

Norma Coe featured in LDI blog post

New research by Norma Coe (PSC/PARC Research Associate) published in Medical Care was featured in a recent Penn LDI blog post, "Racial Disparities in Avoidable Hospitalizations for Medicare Beneficiaries."

--October 13, 2021


Courtney Boen – Research Associate

Courtney Boen, Research Associate at the Population Studies Center and Assistant Professor of Sociology, sat down with us to speak about her journey to graduate school and current projects at Penn.

Quartet Pilot Project Competition


Request for Proposals: 2021-2022 Quartet Pilot Research Project Competition
Proposals are due on Monday, March 22, 2021

The Annual Quartet award competition is jointly sponsored by the PSC, the Population Aging Research Center, Boettner Center for Pension Retirement Research, and LDI Center for Health Incentives and Behavioral Economics. The competition promotes high quality and innovative research in demography, economics, and related social and behavioral sciences. Quartet awards are funded for one year (or less) in duration and are selected through competitive peer review.

Click here to download the application materials and to read the RFP Guidelines.

Click here to read about former and currently funded projects