Daesung Choi

Office Address: 

249-2 McNeil

Ph.D. Candidate, Demography & Sociology, University of Pennsylvania

MPH, Public Health, Seoul National University, 2012
BA, Sociology, Korea University, 2009

Entered Program: 
Dissertation Chair: 
Irma T. Elo
Dissertation Committee Member: 
Samuel H. Preston
Dissertation Committee Member: 
Michel Guillot
Dissertation Committee Member: 
Neil K. Mehta

I have substantive interests in Asian immigrants from East Asian countries living in the United States, with specific focus on their health, mortality and fertility disparities. Most of my work is intertwined with the processes of international migration and incorporation into U.S. society, and its impact on the health outcomes of this population. My current research interests focus on the role of educational selection in formulating different health trajectories of Asian immigrants and nativity differences in health outcomes. In addition to the focus on the Asian immigrants, my current research explores an applicability of theories and findings of the health of Hispanics into an explanation of health disparities in Asian immigrant groups. This work addresses the need of developing a new framework in which the unique context of international migration and incorporation of Asian immigrants are specified.