Calls for Papers

  • UC-Berkeley Center on the Economics and Demography of Aging-CEDA and the USC/UCLA Center for Biodemography and Population Health
    University of California-Berkeley
    October 12, 2018

    We solicit presentations of papers using longitudinal data from one or more LMICs, particularly from harmonized HRS family studies (see is external)) in China (CHARLS), Costa Rica (CRELES), Ghana (SAGE), Korea (KLOSA), Indonesia (IFLS), Mexico (MHAS), and South Africa (SAGE). We also encourage use of other LMIC micro-data with mortality follow-ups, e.g. from Taiwan (SEBAS), China (CLHLS), South Africa (HAALSI), and elsewhere, as well as comparisons with data from higher income countries such as the US (HRS), Japan (JSTAR or NUJLSOA), England (ELSA), and Europe (SHARE).
    This will be a small meeting of about 30 people.  We invite one-page abstracts, which should be submitted by October 12 to and

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  • Population Journal
    November 5, 2018

    Population is a quarterly scientific journal published in English (Population-E) and in French (Population-F) by the French Institute for Population Studies (INED). The Population Young Author Prize is open to PhD students and young researchers working in the field of population studies and will be awarded to the most outstanding original paper submitted to the competition jury.
    More information:

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