Required Courses

The following courses are required for the A.M. in Demography and are typically taken in the first year of graduate study:

  • DEMG 607 Introduction to Demography
  • DEMG 609 Basic Methods of Demography
  • SOCI 535 Quantitative Methods in Sociology I
  • SOCI 536 Quantitative Methods in Sociology II

The following courses are required for the Ph.D. in Demography and are taken prior to achievement of candidacy:

  • DEMG 604 Methodology of Social Research
  • DEMG 707 Second-Year Research Seminar in Demographic Research I
  • DEMG 708 Second-Year Research Seminar in Demographic Research II
  • DEMG 796 Demographic, Economic, and Social Interrelations

In addition, students must take at least four elective courses in demography, which can be an independent study or an additional course in demography.

In cases where a student has achieved comparable knowledge in a comparable course, it is possible that a required course can be waived. This involves obtaining the permission of both the faculty member teaching that course and the Graduate Chair. For example, some students with a strong background in social statistics may wish to be waived out of SOCI 535 and SOCI 536.

After completion of 8 CUs it is possible to transfer up to eight graduate course credits from other institutions with permission of the Graduate Chair. Such transfers, when approved, may be applied to the 20 course requirement for the Ph.D. degree. Such transfers are typically executed when appropriate graduate course credits are available.