Whiteness as Property: The Quantitative Case for Critical Race Theory in Medicine

103 McNeil
October 2, 2017 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
Vice Provost's Postdoctoral Fellow (LDI Fellow)
University of Pennsylvania, School of Social Policy & Practice
Speaker Biographies: 

Dr. Kevin Ahmaad Jenkins is a dynamic speaker and scholar who serves as a Vice-Provost’s Postdoctoral Fellow and lecturer at the University of Pennsylvania. After obtaining his bachelor’s (NC Central University) and master’s (Florida A&M University) degrees focused in medical and legal history, Dr. Jenkins earned a Ph.D. in Sociology and Criminology & Law from the University of Florida. This two-time national journalism award winner examines the influence of race, racism, and law within medicine. Using Critical Race Theory, Jenkins is currently working on three book projects: (1) Hue Process: The Quantitative Measurement of Racism in Medicine, (2) Refund My Freedom: How the Law Created Health Inequity in the Black Community, and (3) Branding Jezebel: Black Women, Law, and Medicine in Antebellum America.