Return Migration Selection and its Impact on the Migrant Mortality Advantage: New Evidence Using French Pension Data

McNeil 309
September 19, 2022 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
Professor of Sociology, Chair, Graduate Group in Demography, Associate Director for Training, Population Studies Center
University of Pennsylvania
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Dr. Guillot's research is organized primarily around two main areas: (1) formal demography; and (2) understanding health disparities across and within populations. In the area of formal demography, he has designed new methodologies for better understanding mortality levels and trends, and for studying their impact on population growth and aging. Michel has also made contributions in the area of model age patterns of mortality and indirect estimation methods. In the area of health disparities, he has examined the burden of disease among the global poor. Michel has also studied the health of vulnerable ethnic, religious, and migrant groups in a range of populations, including India. A related interest has been the analysis of the health crisis in the former Soviet Union, with a special focus on the Central Asia region.

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