Morgan Hoke

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429 University Museum



  • Morgan Hoke (PSC Research Associate) was featured in a Penn Today article about what the Penn Community has been doing during quarantine, including
    fostering kittens.

  • Morgan Hoke (PSC/PARC Research Associate) is quoted in a SAPIENS article that investigates the features of Baby Yoda that makes it adorable. 

  • Morgan Hoke (PSC/PARC Associate) was featured in Penn Today about the Penn Anthropology colloquium and her research on nutrition and growth.

Assistant Professor of Anthropology

Ph.D., Anthropology, Northwestern University, 2017

My research focuses on understanding the interactions between the social and biological forces that produce and reproduce inequalities across generations through mechanisms of developmental plasticity, immune function, human energetics, and nutritional health. I am a biocultural anthropologist with an active field and laboratory research program. My current research is situated in the community of Nuñoa located in the southern Peruvian Andes and employs both ethnographic and biological methodologies to explore the determinants of infant growth and health in a community undergoing rapid economic and nutritional transition.