Irma T. Elo


  • Irma T. Elo (PSC/PARC Research Associate), Samuel H. Preston (PSC/PARC Research Associate) and Andrew Stokes (GGD alumni) were featured in a Penn Today article about calculating excess mortality from the COVID-19 pandemic. Their research, available as a preprint on medRxiv, examines excess deaths at the county level, allowing the researchers to look at how patterns of excess deaths vary by demographic and structural factors.

  • Irma T. Elo (PSC/PARC Research Associate) and Emilio Parrado (PSC/PARC Research Associate) are among a group of researchers featured in a Penn Today article about the 2020 Census. The result of the 2020 Census inform many public facets, hence the emphasis on getting a full count. This year the household survey is available online and will be accessible
    until the end of data collection.

  • Irma T. Elo (PSC/PARC Research Associate) was quoted in an NBC article about the slight rise in U.S. Life Expectancy since 2014.

Chair, Department of Sociology
Chair, Graduate Group in Demography
Associate Director, Population Aging Research Center
Professor of Sociology

Ph.D., Public Affairs and Demography, Princeton University, 1990


  • The Spotlight Series: Jere R. Behrman and Irma T. Elo on Assessing Cognition in Elderly Populations in Chile
  • Philadelphia Symposium on Research Credibility and Excellence: Irma T. Elo on Research Credibility and New Data Sources