Carmen Ng

Office Address: 
353E McNeil
Ph.D. Candidate, Demography, University of Pennsylvania
MA, Statistics, University of Pennsylvania, 2016
BA, Economics, UC Berkeley, 2013
BA, Statistics, UC Berkeley, 2013
Entered Program: 
Dissertation Chair: 
Michel Guillot
Dissertation Committee Member: 
Jere R. Behrman
Dissertation Committee Member: 
Samuel H. Preston

I was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area. I majored in statistics and economics at UC Berkeley, and also earned minors in demography and industrial engineering/operations research. I decided to pursue graduate studies in demography because I am fascinated by its interdisciplinary nature, and enjoy its interplay with other fields, such as statistics and economics. My research interests include economic demography and development, health and mortality, and demographic and statistical methods. I am also pursuing the dual Master’s degree in statistics.

Recent Papers:

Ng, Carmen D. 2015. "Global Analysis of Overweight Prevalence by Level of Human Development." Journal of Global Health 5(2). PMCID: PMC4676587.