Irma T. Elo


  • Irma Elo received grant funding as part of the 2019 Making a Difference in Diverse Communities. Read more on the Penn Arts & Sciences website

  • A study by Samuel Preston and Irma Elo uses nationally representative data to estimate the mortality hazards associated with diabetes, combining those hazards with the prevalence of diabetes to estimate the fraction of deaths attributable to diabetes and its effect on life expectancy. Evaluating the impact of diabetes on age-specific mortality may be salient in identifying the effect of rising obesity levels on US mortality and its contribution to racial/ethnic mortality disparities. Read more about this project here.

  • Last week Penn's Institute on Aging and the Population Aging Research Center co-hosted Dr. Anne Newman as a part of the Visiting Scholars Series. The talk, titled What does it take to live a long and healthy life, covered several variables that impact the stages of aging and living healthy later in life. Irma T. Elo also participated in discussion about U.S. Life Expectancy as it is effected by obesity and the opioid epidemic. Take a look at some photos from the event!

Associate Director, Population Aging Research Center
Chair, Department of Sociology
Professor of Sociology

Ph.D., Public Affairs and Demography, Princeton University, 1990