Nursing Priorities for the 1980's: Hospitals and Nursing Homes

TitleNursing Priorities for the 1980's: Hospitals and Nursing Homes
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication1981
AuthorsAiken, Linda H.
JournalAmerican Journal of Nursing
ISBN Number0002-936X
Accession NumberPMID: 6906951
AbstractIt is clear that the two institutions where nurses play a critical role--hospitals and nursing homes--are experiencing major problems. Patients in these institutions are not receiving the full benefits of the best health care America has to offer. Organized nursing has the opportunity and capacity to resolve these difficulties and in the process improve both patient care and the importance of our profession. The time is right for change. To date, nursing has not taken on this difficult leadership task. I believe we will remain dependent on other professions unless we take on significant responsibilities for resolving the problems facing these two institutions. The GMENAC report on health manpower suggests that out profession should not rely on others for public policy recommendations which will affect our future. Nursing has greater respect and national visibility than ever before. Within this decade, nursing has the potential ability to help resolve the crisis affecting these two institutions. The future of the nation's hospitals, nursing homes, those for whom we care, and of the nursing profession may depend upon how we respond to these two challenges in the years ahead.