Entorno clínico de la enfermera hospitalaria [The Clinical Environment of Hospital Nursing]

TitleEntorno clínico de la enfermera hospitalaria [The Clinical Environment of Hospital Nursing]
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2002
AuthorsHavens, Donna S., Teresa Labov, Teresa Faura, and Linda H. Aiken
JournalEnfermería Clínica
AbstractThis article presents a pilot study that explores the possibility of using an instrument validated in the United States to identify the attributes of “best service” in a nursing clinical environment in Spanish hospitals. The pilot study includes only one Spanish hospital. In the United States we have analyzed a greater number of hospitals in which the observations reflect those presented in the article (Aiken et al, 2000; Havens and Aiken, 1999). The observations of a University Hospital in Barcelona indicate that a more comprehensive study of Spanish hospitals could provide valuable lessons for future stimulation of professionals nursing practice in Spain. In many countries, restructuring of the hospital workforce and work redesing in hospitals seems to be generalized and markedly similar (Sochalski and Aiken, 1999; Sochalski et al, 1988). The results of this pilot study indicate that Spanish and North American hospitals are implementing variations in the organization of nursing work. We suggest that the results obtained from a long-term research project in the United States could have implications for the organization of hospital nursing in many countries; namely, that better results are obtained when nurses have the autonomy to apply their knowledge to decision making about patient care and to control the dimension of patieng care, including the mobilization of the necessary resources, and when they establish good working relations with physicians. Empirical evidence demonstrates that this organization of nursing work produces better results in patiengs and nursing staff. Therefore, the model of the magnet hospital is an innovating concept that could be globally applied as a strategy to increase both the quality of patient care and the clinical environment of nursing staff.